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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, a spokesman for the president's campaign says by resorting to cheap attacks that lack credibility, rather than answering the most basic questions about his foreign policy agenda, governor romney has simply not passed the commander and chief test. catherine herridge is on fox top story live in washington tonight. top senate democrat, i don't know, seems to have changed her tune on these leak accusations. >> well, shep, the whole thing got started monday at a talk on foreign affairs when senator dianne feinstein said the leaks apparently came from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i think the when you say has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. >> and the senator emphasizing that she does not believe the president is involved. >> i don't believe for a moment he goes out and talks about it. i don't believe the briefers go out and talk about t. >> senator feinstein was a no show on the hill today for two
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press conferences where we planned to ask her some follow-up questions, shep. >> shepard: governor romney mentioned dianne feinstein as well. >> governor romney jumped on the senator's comments. >> this isn't a partisan issue. it's a national security crisis. just yesterday democrat senator dianne feinstein, who is chairman of the senate intelligence committee said and i quote: i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks. >> in response to romney, senator feinstein issuing this press release the reads in part, quote: i stated that i did not believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have speculated beyond that because the fact of the matter is i don't know the source of the leaks. then romney's spokesman shot back, quote: it looks like president obama has given dianne feinstein the cory booker treatment. that's a reference to a controversy in may where the new jersey mayor cory booker was highly critical of the obama pa campaign attack ads.
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then he did a youtube video to clarify what he said, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. thank you. governor romney also going after president obama on foreign policy today. speaking to the same veteran's group the president addressed yesterday. the governor accused his rival of weakening the u.s. military as the two candidates court america's veterans. it's worth noting neither served in the military. something we haven't seen in a presidential election since the 1940s. governor romney today also criticized the president's handling of china, iran and israel. white house officials called the attacks baseless and challenged governor romney to give more specifics on his own foreign policy goals. the shift away from economic issues comes on the eve of governor romney's trip abroad during which he is set to visit the united kingdom, israel and poland. mike emanuel is in reno, nevada tonight where the governor spoke earlier today. mike, the polls show president obama has a pretty good lead on most matters of foreign policy. how is governor romney trying to make his case? >> well, shep, governor romney
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says president obama has mishandled key allies, such as israel and poland. he also blasted the president for not doing enough to stop defense cuts that were part of last year's debt deal to the tune of one half trillion dollars. and governor romney says the president has not focused enough on the next threats. >> but sadly the president has diminished american leadership. reaping the consequences. theorld is dangerous. destructive, chaotic. and the two men running to be your commander and chief must offer answers to the challenges we face. >> governor romney left reno on that overseas trip where he is trying to sell american voters that he would be a credible commander and chief. shep? >> shepard: what's been the response to all of this from the president's campaign? >> well, vice president joe biden was the one to issue a response. he came out swinging saying that governor romney had a
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chance to lay out his foreign policy vision and how he would lead as commander and chief. and vice president biden says, quote: instead, all we heard from governor romney was empty rhetoric and bluster. he reflectively criticizes the president's policies without offering any alternatives. a thumbs down from the vice president. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live, reno, nevada. we are getting new look inside the accused colorado killer's apartment tonight. a source tells fox news the suspect had rigged the place with enough bombs and booby traps to take down the entire apartment building. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people, wounding 5 the others in the movie theater rampage last week. a fox news crew reports it did not cross any police lines to get this video of his apartment. we're told you can see a soldiers of misfortune poster on a bedroom wall. our crews were also on scene when cops and prosecutors showed up at the building and went inside the apartment. mike tobin is there now
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aurora, colorado. we are getting new information about the suspect's next court appearance. >> and we know, shepard, that we're not going to get another look at james holmes in his orange hair at least not for the arraignment on monday. that is because the county district judge william sylvester has rule nod cameras or electronic recording equipment will be allowed in the courtroom. he didn't give a reason why. since there is a tunnel that connects the jail to the courthouse, we know we won't get another look at him. detectives, however, did get another look inside james holmes' apartment. they will went there with prosecutors. we caught them putting on protective foot wear before going into the apartment building. it looks like they wanted to get another sweep inside before opening the building up to residents. it looks like residents will be able to go back into the apartment building as early as tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: a word of spike of gun sales since the shooting. >> background checks have increased 41% in the state of colorado. sent a camera out to the local gun store.
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the owner there said he is selling many more handguns and a.k. 47's. sight personal protection and buy guns before new restrictions spawned by this massacre go into place. >> what they were doing was obviously buying handguns, some were buying ak 47's. things of that nature for fear of them being banned. >> and christian bale, the star of the batman movie has showed up here in town to visit with the victims. so far he has showed up at the aurora medical center and the swedish medical center. overall there are five hospitals here in the aurora area where the victims are recovering. looks like he intends to hit all five. one thing the studio made very clear they didn't send him. he is acting on his own. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin on scene in aurora, colorado tonight. we are hearing at other scares at the screening of the same batman movie. tonight police say they arrested three men in three different cities. trace gallagher will have
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>> shepard: the president's signature healthcare initiative will cost a bit less than expected, according to the bipartisan congressional budget office. by the cbo also reports the healthcare law is likely to leave millions of poor people without access to health insurance, about 3 million more than expected uninsured. more on that in just a moment. it's the cbo's first look at the law since the supreme court ruling. spending cuts and tax increases will make up for any new spending to cover the uninsured. republicans point out that the healthcare law still raises deficits by trillions while democrats say it's ultimately going to save taxpayers some
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cash. cbo also projects if congress is successful in repealing the law, the nation's deficit will soar by tens of billions of dollars. of course we won't know how much this will all cost until the law is fully in effect. the fox business network gerri willis is joining us now. what does the cbo credit for this cost reduction? >> they are expecting that some states will opt out of medicaid as a supreme court decision allowed them to do. that would save some $84 billion. and that means a total cost of this program of obama care would be 1.168 trillion over 10 years. that brings in the cost of it. >> shepard: there is repeal effort underway obviously? >> yes. >> shepard: any indication how this would affect that. >> this would add 109 billion to the deficit if the bill were to be repealed. that's the expectation of the cbo in their report today. we also found out some other stuff. taxes would cost another a billion dollars as you said,
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more people would be covered under this law. 92% of citizens and legal residents compared to 81% right now all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: good news for anyone trying to sell a home. average price of a house is bouncing back. home prices in the second quarter of this year were up, only slight solid,, .2% but up. doesn't sound like a lot. first increase since zillow smarted keeping track of this five years ago. zillow does not factor in foreclosures, which remain one of the biggest risk to the housing recovery. only days now until the u.s.a. starts raking in the olympic medals we all hope. keeping the game safe for the athletes and fans is an absolutely enormous task. too big for security firm organizers hired. so thought british government is calling in more troops than it has serving in afghanistan.
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that's next. but, first, tv's george jefferson has died. sherman henslee started in the long running sitcom as the jeffersons head of upwardly mobile african-american family. moving on up to the east side his character had a sharp sense of humor and sometimes cranky personality. >> i'm going to see this new horror movie the monster that ate new york. it's supposed to surprise ending. >> the ending ain't no surprise the monster died. >> how do you know. >> if he ate all of new york he must have had some of your meat loaf. >> george, this is our anniversary, be nice to florence. >> i ain't mad at her. >> thank the lord for that. >> shepard: jump in there would he would he wezy. >> he ground breaking role all in the family. argued and made up for 11 seasons. after that he played a deacon
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on the 80's sitcom amen. sources tell the web site tmz he died in his home apparently of natural causes. the creator of the jeffersons, nor norman lehrer says the world has lost one of the most unique comic talents and lovely man. he moved on up today. sherman hemsly was 74. (sfx: sou) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> shepard: less than 72 hours to go now until the official start of the 2012 summer olympics in london. today, the british government forced to deploy more than 1,000 extra troops to help keep the game safe. they have been on stand by, those troops. now they will be patrolling streets and venues after a security firm failed to provide enough guards. the head of that security firm
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admitted that failure was a humiliating shambles. officials say they expect a million extra people in london for each day of the games. but the brits claim they are confident everything will go smoothly. the united states department of homeland security, however, is warning that protesters could still disrupt the olympics, using cyber or physical means. an interesting quote. jonathan hunt is with us now. british officials are saying that these extra troops are just an extra precaution. that's it. >> yeah. they say they have no evidence of any specific threat. but with the athletes already beginning to arrive now in london, along with the huge crowd turning up there for the olympic games. they are putting these extra troops on the street out of an abundance of caution. and to fill the gap that the private security firm g 4 s which was contracted to provide security agents has failed to fill. they say that now just 72 hours before the opening ceremony, they just want to
7:19 pm
cover every possible eventuality, listen. >> they have got a huge weekend ahead. opening ceremonies just three days away. so it's better to have those troops on the ground so were they to be needed they can swing into action immediately. i think it gives people great confidence to think we have got our soldiers and armed services there on the ground. >> so, no specific threat, but it's interesting to note, shep, that this decision to put the extra 1200 troops on the streets of london was made by the prime minister himself. that might be significant. >> shepard: they mentioned a cyber attack. i don't know how those troops might help with that but maybe. >> they have a huge operation because they are absolutely certain that there will be cyber attacks and attempted attacks. listen to this. at the beijing games in 2008, there were an estimated 12 attempted cyber attacks every single day of the olympic games. this year they believe there may be as many as 14 million attempted cyber attacks every
7:20 pm
day. anything from ticket scams to actual full blown attempts to bring down the london transport system or other parts of the infrastructure. so they have an entirely separate security center that technology operation center set up to deal with that and british officials say, again, just as with physical attacks, they are confident they can cope with any type of cyber attack. he we shall see. >> shepard: we shall. jonathan hunt, thank you. so a woman drove out of a car wash and into a river. it was a wild ride caught on camera. but she will be all right. she is 82, was leaving the car wash in hackensack, new jersey, watch here now. her car just plunged right into the water. can you see a worker and customer rush to try to save her. they say they couldn't open the door so they had to pull her out a window. as for the driver, she said she couldn't understand all the fuss. >> i opened the window, and everybody is running, come on, get out. i said i have to take my pocketbook and i want to be a sport and get my registration
7:21 pm
and i want my cane. forget that i said no, i'm not forgetting it. >> shepard: you will need that cane in the hackensack river. she said her back was sore but that was about it. cops say they think she hit the gas instead of the brakes. lawyers have picked a jury in the trial of that ex-cop accused of murdering one wife and suspect in another wife's disappearance. details on the folks who will decide the fate of drew peterson next. plus, the push to ban sales of big sodas. no more big coca colas or pepsis in america's biggest city. today, both sides sounded off on this controversy as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. we'll bring it to you straight away.
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>> shepard: the jury is picked and all set for the murder case of the illinois police sergeant who just seemed to keep losing all his wives. drew peterson's trial expected to start next week after a long delay due to several appeals court rulings. lawyers selected seven men and five women for the jury. alternates three men and a woman. prosecutors say drew peterson murdered his third wife back in 2004. investigators first ruled her death an accidental drowning in an empty bathtub with her hair soaped but not in water but in blood. the ex-cop is still a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife. that happened in 2000'. he claims she ran off with another man. police are investigating why a
7:26 pm
home exploded and killed a young girl and hurt four other people. it tops our news across america. new york. the blast leveled the house early this morning about 30 miles north of buffalo. the sheriff's department reports the explosion threw four family members into the front yard. the girl died at the scene. they rushed her parents and two siblings to the hospital with serious injuries. oregon. a dramatic rescue as search teams saved an elderly hiker and his dog stranded on mount hood. local officials say the man went down the slope to save his golden retriever after t fell off the trail. they both ended up stuck on the side of a canyon. crews used ropes to pull the man and the pooch to safety. both unhurt. ohio. police are looking for whoever robbed an 11-year-old's lemonade stand near cleveland. >> a tan minivan, they came by and they looked around the
7:27 pm
block. they just grabbed my purse and they drove down the street. >> shepard: the suspects reportedly took roughly $500 worth of stuff. alabama. a 92-year-old woman crowned miss alabama nursing home at an annual state pageant. she beat out more than 60 competitors. the 10 finalists answered questions from a panel of judges. the winner gets to travel around the state as a spokeswoman for the alabama nursing home foundation. and she is part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the massacre in aurora, colorado has cops across our nation on the lookout for possible copycats. and now law enforcement agents say they have arrested not one but at least three people in three separate incidents linked to showings of the new batman movie. here they are. in one case sheriff's deputies
7:28 pm
say a man with a backpack started acting strangely during a friday showing of the dark night rises in southern arizona. some 90 minutes outside tucson. they say witnesses claim a patron confronted the man triggering mass hysteria as they put it and roughly 50 people ran out of the theater. the guy now faces charges of disorderly conduct inside his backpack an empty bottle of mike's hard lemonade and half empty bottle of moon shine. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. tell us about this incident in maine. >> police in maine pulled over 49-year-old timothy, going 112 miles per hour. inside his mustang they found drugs and a.k. 47 assault rifle, four other guns, boxes of ammunition. and they also found newspaper clippings on the colorado massacre. the suspect told police he was planning to go to new hampshire to shoot a former employee but he also went to see batman and admitted that he put a gun inside his
7:29 pm
backpack. police don't yet know his real intent. but psychologists say copycats are a legitimate concern. listen. >> this inspires those individuals. people who are of that sort of mind set. they are inspired by. this some of them are attention seekers. but some of them could be serious. >> that suspect also had a machine gun and boxes more ammunition inside his apartment. shep? >> shepard: and other incidents, trace, there in california and in jersey, right? >> yeah, in edge water, new jersey, about 90 minutes into a showing of batman, a man stood up and walked out the emergency exit, talked on the phone and came back in and sat down. somebody called police. when the cops showed up they turned off the phone and they asked who went outside? nobody came forward so, they canceled the entire film. and here in southern california, a man is accused of making threats because the movie was running late. witnesses say that man right there, 52-year-old clark tabor
7:30 pm
yelled quoting i should go off like colorado and does anyone have a gun? as you might imagine, he was arrested. as for now it's natural for us to be a bit on the jumpy side. listen. >> people are going to be more sensitive at a time like this as a heightened sense of awareness. people are afraid. and when people are afraid, they get highly reactive sometimes. overreactive. certainly there is also an element of reassurance to people that they have channels to make these complaints. >> but for now, it appears that people who are seeing something are saying something. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. trace, thanks. hospital officials tell us two survivors of the colorado rampage are out of the hospital tonight. and another is getting better. we're told seven victims are still critical. and one of them just became a new father. hospital officials say caleb medley's wife katie gave birth today to their first child to
7:31 pm
a baby boy they have named hugo. meantime the lawyer for another survivor says is he considering a lawsuit. the attorney tells fox news his client watched a friend die and is suffering from extreme trauma. he said he may sue the suspect's doctors, the theater where it went down, and warner brothers, which produced the batman movie. that studio by the way reports it's donated a special fund set up now for victims of the shooting massacre. we don't know exactly how much the studio contributed. but a spokeswoman calls it generous. colorado's governor john hickenlooper says the fund has raised nearly $2 million so far. you can donate online if you like at the web site giving the city of new york is now locked in the heated battle over soda. and other drinks loaded in sugar. but it's also moring into a national debate over the power of government over our rights to choose. the city's mayor michael bloomberg is pushing a law that would limit the size of sugar sweetened drinks sold at
7:32 pm
restaurants delis and theaters and so forth. 16 ounces bigger than a can of soda but smaller than 20-ounce bottles since it's 16 ounces. supporters say the rules are necessary to combat a growing obesity epidemic. opponents argue it's a nanny state law that infringes on all of our rights. today, each side had its say at a public hearing. >> obesity has become a public health menace and time to take on the soda cartel that drives this epidemic. >> illegal immigration is extraordinary illegal immigration of a person's right to control his or her own body. >> shepard: you can buy five of them. just saying. of course, there are also questions about how to enforce such rules. rick leventhal live in new york city. rick? >> several hours of sometimes spirited public debate in the building behind me, shep, as private citizens and experts and politicians all weighed in calling this ban among other things misguided, disturbing,
7:33 pm
shortsighted, overreaching and life saving. the mayor of new york says large sugary drinks are a big factor in obesity and diabetes leading to thousands of death in the city every year. since every department of health board member is appointed by the mayor, the ban is expected to pass in september and become law next march. >> this shortsighted measure will shut down production of movie theaters, pizza places, restaurants, coffee shops, even ice cream parlors will be affected by this absolutely ridiculous ban. >> compared to smoking this is an easy battle to win and nobody is going to stop this is my impression. >> well, if it passes, 20,000 businesses will be affected. if they sell a drink this big, shep, they face a $200 fine. >> shepard: rick leventhal in new york city tonight. more than $2.5 billion that's how much apple is seeking from rival tech giant samsung in a massive court battle set to start next week. 2.5 billion. apple has accused samsung of copying designs and technology in smart phones and tablet
7:34 pm
computers. can you see apple's iphone four on the left there and samsung's galaxy s 3 on the right. in court papers samsung says it developed its own unique products and accuses apple of trying to stifle competition through lawsuits. last year samsung overtook apple and nokia for that matter as the largest seller of smart phones around the world. apple posted some of its smallest gains in years, falling short of analyst expectations. the company reports earnings at $8.8 billion. not for the year but for the second quarter of the year. up from last year. but below forecasts. this fate of the famed aviator amelia earhardt remains a mystery at least for now. researchers say their 2-million-dollar expedition in the pacific ocean did not turn up anything conclusive. they still tell us they believe her wreckage is somewhere in that area. amelia earhardt disappeared over the south pacific 75 years ago while attempting to become the first woman to fly around the world. she was born exactly 115 years
7:35 pm
ago today. and the search for any sign of her continues with another group planning to a similar expedition later this year. today, lawmakers in washington pushed a plan to make it more expensive for most of us to buy stuff online. we'll tell you how that is going down coming up. plus, floodwaters flowing at 18 million gallons per second. think of that. it has tens of thousands of people on alert right now. details next. uld literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oil, your car runs more efficiently, saves gas. you could be doing this right now? yes i could, mike. i'm slowing you down? yes you are. my bad. the works fuel saver package. just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. so, to sum up, you take care of that, you take care of these, you save a bunch of this. that works.
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call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? >> shepard: syrian government troops carried out a new massacre at a mosque according to reuters news agency opposition activists they say the syrian forces and government militia men fired automatic weapons at people as they entered the mosques for ramadan evening prayers. activists also say thousands of syrian troops with heavy weaponry are headed for strong hold.
7:39 pm
we can't independently confirm any of this. russia today slammed damascus for its recent threats to use chemical weapons against a possible foreign attack. a statement out of moscow reminded the syrian regime that it has vowed to never use chemical weapons and that russia expects syria to honor that commitment. criminal charges tonight in the united kingdom a phone hacking scandal. british prosecutors say they are charging the former news of the world editors carlson and rebekah brooks conspiring to intercept thousands of communications. they could get two years in prison. six other people including news of the world staffers are also facing charges. news international, owned by news corporation, which is the parent company of fox news channel, shut down the tabloid last summer and apologized for the hacking. lawmakers are one step closer to making us pay more to shop online. today a house committee held a hearing on a bill that would allow every state in the nation to tax anything we buy
7:40 pm
online. right now the only state requiring online site to collect sales tax are those where online companies have a physical presence like a warehouse or office or something. the new legislation would mean we would all be shelling out more and as more states struggle to pay their bills, lawmakers from both parties are pushing for the extra cash. according to the national conference of state legislators, those taxes nationwide could add up to some $23 billion a year fox business network peter barnes is with us in d.c. tonight. a lot of people probably not going to want to pay the taxes but the states sure need it? >> that's right. shep. get, this if you buy anything in the 45 states that have a sales tax, you are supposed to pay it personally if you bought it from an out-of-state retailer that did not collect the tax from you in the first place, which many don't here is the form a consumer in virginia are required to fill
7:41 pm
out. most of them don't because they don't know about it or don't want to. the legislation in congress would simplify all of this allowing states to require all out-of-state retailers online or catalog to collect the sales tax, period. at the present see says it could collect an additional 400 million. that much money in real terms is 7,000 teachers, 7,000 police officers. >> and after seeing their tax revenues drop in the weak economy, a lot more states want this money, shep. >> shepard: tennessee with no state income tax and they rely on those sales tax receipts pretty heavily. here is a shocker. the e-tailers are not happy. >> biggest online retailer amazon supports this bill. it operates lots of warehouses nationally and is opening more. and it is charging sales taxes in more and more states anyway. but other online retailers oppose the legislation. saying that collecting sales
7:42 pm
taxes, not just from states, but also have thousands of local governments would create a costly complex burden. >> you will hear from small business from taxpayers and consumers who are really concerned that the benefits of this bill, as much as 1% state and local tax revenue don't justify the new burdens on american business. in other words, the jews just isn't worth the squeeze. >> the legislation would provide some kind of exemption for small retailers, maybe with sales under $500,000 a year or even under a million. shep? >> peter barnes at the capitol tonight. thanks. how did your wedding go. two cars from a wedding caravan ended up in a river when a bridge collapsed beneath them in one happened in eastern china. heavy rains. rescuers had to burst open the sun roof on one car to pull the driver out. we're told he has broken bones and head trauma but should be okay. the second car floated
7:43 pm
downstream and two passengers eventually got out safely. in the end, nobody hurt. those torrential rains in china have closed more floods in the western part of the country. officials say it's the worst they have seen in nine years. the largest hydro-electric dam in all the world. those officials say that's a record amount of water shooting through it. see that? they have now put more than 35,000 people in that region. on flood alert. at least two workers killed in a building collapses during construction and it tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." india. it happened this afternoon as crews worked on the roof of the building. a witness says she heard a loud thud. and then several injured workers ran from the building. rescuers searched for people trapped under the debris and rushed at least five workers to the hospital. police investigating the cause. greece. civil servants took to the
7:44 pm
streets in athens. it's the latest protest against government cut backs they claim have targeted their wages and benefits for two years now. the government is trying to slash $14 billion in spending as international inspectors review greece's progress with economic reforms. russia, more than 10,000 people gathered in southern siberia for ceremonies reopening one of the largest buddhist terms. exact replica of the one joseph stalin destroyed. there are plans to build a school and medical center nearby. cuba. it could be the world's largest damascusry. it took 10 bartenders and 10 blenders to make the 71-gallon drink at the havana bar where earnest hemingway helped popular rise the damascus can damascusry. that's a rap on this fox trip
7:45 pm
around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." >> shepard: the man much of america knows as sheriff joe took the stand today at his own trial. prosecutors allege the sheriff, arizona sheriff, joe arpaio's crack down, arizona isn't a county. he is not the sheriff of all of arizona, you know what i mean. at any rate his crack downs to illegal immigrants amount to racial profiling. the sheriff's defense? that's next. of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> shepard: the man who calls himself the toughest sheriff in america called himself for his own defense today. faces class action lawsuit accusing his department of racially profiling hispanics. he denies it arpaio runs the maricopa county sheriff's department in arizona. it's home to phoenix and is one of the nation's largest
7:49 pm
counties in both population and size. he has made headlines by forcing inmates to wear pink underwear and sleep in tents in the scorching arizona heat. and now this racial profiling suit could be a preview of a similar suit that the justice department has filed. william la jeunesse has details from our west coast news hub this afternoon. william? >> well, shepard, the sheriff spent almost six hours on the stand getting blistered by aclu attorney who repeatedly tried to impeach the sheriff using his own words, words that suggested the sheriff sent crime patrols in hispanic neighborhoods not to stop crime but to find and arrest illegal immigrants. arpaio was asked if skin color determined immigration status he said no but attorneys then played a news clip where the sheriff appeared to contradict himself. that happened several times. arpaio says he considers racial profiling immoral and illegal. the sheriff claimed quote we don't grab people on street
7:50 pm
corners unless they have committed a imcrew. however, the aclu presented documents indicating the department's immigration sweeps were based not on crime data but citizen complaints. now, late in the day the sheriff's attorney tried continue undo some of that damage saying arpaio himself doesn't decide these enforcement areas. this suit does not seek money. the aclu wants a finding and admission that the sheriff engaged in a pattern of discriminati. and therein lies the danger for arpaio, a loss here would make it easier for the federal government to prevail in its civil rights case and effectively take over the department. also allow hispanic victims to recover monetarily and finally could nullify hundreds of existing cases against hispanic defendants. the sheriff is done, shepard, the trial wraps up next week and the outcome could have political implication for the sheriff who is up for re-election in november. >> shepard: william la jeunesse live in los angeles. the man convicted of murdering jennifer hudson's mother brother and nephew is going to
7:51 pm
driven for the rest of his life. observers say the actress and singer wiped away tears as she sat at today's proceedings. the judge sentenced william ball for to two consecutive live sentences no chance for parole. in may a jury convicted him in the 2008 murders, jennifer hudson's sister found two of the bodies in the family's chicago home. a few days later police found her young nephew dead in an abandoned suv. before the judge sentenced the killer, he told him he has, quote: the heart of an ache particular knight. -- artic night. sweeping changes could be in store for the new orleans police force. u.s. attorney general eric holder says the department has agreed to a series of major changes aimed at addressing the new orleans police department's long history of corruption and mismanagement. among other things, it will overhaul policies and procedures for the use of force, training, and interrogations. plus searches and arrests. recruitment and supervision. a federal judge still has to
7:52 pm
approve the deal. a guy on a motorcycle leads cops on a very high speed chase through rush hour traffic. the hot pursuit coming up. and you've got to see how this whole thing ends. as "the fox report" does in just six minutes and we make room for mr. bill o'reilly. of investing technology is now within your grasp with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. e-trade 360 is the world's first investing homepage that shows you where all your investments are and what they're doing with free streaming quotes, news, analysis and even your trade ticket. everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page. transform your investing with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard.
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they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. >> shepard: look at that, crotch rocket motorcycle chase in california. stopped started this morning outside of l.a. when they tried to pull him over for speeding. he wasn't having it. he took off quickly. he reportedly hit speeds of 130 miles per hour zigzagging between the cars and the trucks there. for a time the cops stopped falling him. one of the coolest endings in chase history look at this. a championships cop on a motorcycle pulled in front of the cop. jumped off the bike and wrapped up the suspect before anybody even had any idea what was going down. somebody owes that officer a shot of tequila. good news for the folks who
7:56 pm
want more bear. four high definition cameras out of cat my national park now live streaming the bears doing what they do in the wild. apparently the bears are fishing sore salmon here. that's what their spokesman told us. before we go our team's top five things of the day. speaking of tequila, it's national tequila day. never heard of it number four, the los angeles city council voted to ban hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries in the area. number three state farm insurance has pulled ad from broadcast of penn state football games in response to the child sex abuse scandal surrounding the former assistant coach jerry sandusky. number two, christian bale, the star of the new batman movie stopped at a hospital in aurora, colorado to visit the victims of friday's shooting massacre. mitt romney accused the 'president of using recent national security leaks for political gain. the president has already called this and similar accusations offensive and
7:57 pm
wrong. that's "the fox report's" top five and on this day in 1915, a steam ship disaster in the chicago river killed more than 800 people the ss eastland was tied to a dock when it rolled over and trapped hundreds of people headed to a pick ningeght the death toll included 20 entire families. the ship was designed to carry but 650 passengers. various owners made changes to the ship and more than 2500 were on board when t tipped. responders took most of the bodies to a building which later became the home of the oprah winfrey show. but some of the show's former producers claim ghost from the wreck haunted the studios. a steam boat rolled over in the windy city 97 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, july 24th, 2012. national tequila day. who would have known? you should go celebrate that.
7:58 pm
see you back here tomorrow. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we tried that top-down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. >> bill: president obama making a direct appeal to americans saying his economic vision will bring prosperity. but we have uncovered some very troubling information about the economy. a factor investigation we'll bring it to you. >> do you think that there should be a push for tighter gun laws given the horror that you have just endured and how it has impacted you personally? >> bill: the far left using the colorado massacre for political purposes. we have a follow up report on that. >> am i driving okay? i think we're parked, man. >> and another unbelievable san francisco situation. the city may ban smoking cigarettes outside in some places. if you smoke pot you are fine. >> is that a joint, man? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right
7:59 pm
now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are you weak? that is the sung of this evening's talking points memo. 50 years ago in the summer of 1962, john f. kennedy was president. the cold war was raging. americans are firmly behind jfk even after he screwed up the invasion of cuba, his approval rating was around 80%. country was united against communism and most of us shared common values, hard work, love of family, love of god. back then, just 6% of americans received welfare. most families didn't have very much but made do without taking from other people. i remember my mother and father scraping by hot dogs, tuna, spatting, a used car, no air-conditioning, one black and white tv. one vacation week a year, a car trip to a lake


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